What Can You Expect From This New Microsoft Update?

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Microsoft recently published an article on the new Dynamics Implementation Portal. What does that mean for you, and what can you expect from this update?

With the continuous release of innovation across the Dynamics 365 ecosystem, the interest by enterprise customers requiring extensive globalization support has increased, adding a new level of complexity to the typical implementation project. Microsoft recently announced the launch of the Dynamics 365 Implementation Portal to guide to help ensure successful cloud deployments.

The implementation portal is based on the Success by Design– framework, which, according to Microsoft: “provides a prescriptive guidance for designing-, building- and deploying your Dynamics 365 solutions”.

This means that Microsoft has distilled the experience from the FastTrack architecture team and their involvement in many Dynamics 365 deployments and compiled this into a set of patterns and practices.

Rather than directing the customer and partner towards the Success by Design implementation guide consisting of 700+ pages of reading, the Dynamics 365 Implementation Portal will provide suggested content based on the project scope and maturity. This will likely lower the barrier to entry by providing context-based learning that applies to the specific project and its current phase.

Onboarding projects to the new Implementation Portal requires the customer/partner to submit a request. Once the project has been added, you can utilize capabilities such as:

  • Management of project data and project users
  • Tailored implementation guidance based on the project profile
  • Project reviews as part of the Success by Design framework
  • Knowledge Articles with recommended practices
  • Collaboration with the FastTrack team

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