Another successful roll-out of Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management


We have, together with the client, completed yet another successful roll-out. This time, we implemented a pilot project for a European manufacturing unit at a renowned global manufacturer whose headquarters are in Sweden. This signifies the start of a broader roll-out initiative spanning Southeast Asia and North America, covering multiple business units 

This pilot project included the implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management as well as Bluestar PLM, which combines data from CAD, ERP, and Office applications in one solution.

This roll-out is a cornerstone for establishing foundational processes and refining operational methodologies for future implementations. Through careful planning and strategic execution, we and the manufacturer achieved pivotal milestones, laying a robust groundwork for forthcoming endeavors.

“To achieve a successful Go-Live you need experienced and dedicated team members combined with a proven delivery methodology. This project had all these components and therefore successfully delivered,” says Hans Gillesén, Partner at Engage Group

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Engage Group has successfully completed the roll-out of a pilot project for a European manufacturing unit, at a renowned global manufacturer whose headquarters are in Sweden. This signifies the start...

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